Delivering Space based ISR-PED.

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination

We offer ISR Analytics across the global littorals in general and South China Sea in particular.


Contextual analytics 500,000+ surface targets near real-time

Information Dominance
Space-Eyes Space-Eyes

Our Achievements

Threat Analytics in 2006 and Asymmetric Threats in 2018

Our Research and Development efforts addressing Threat Analytics in 2006 and Asymmetric Threats in 2018 have been recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) with Corporate Innovation Awards

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Data collection via radar satellites and other sources with simultaneous threat assessment and contextual analytics on the cloud.

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Our radar satellite capabilities include four modes of imaging. All tasking is managed from our facilities in USA and disseminated via multi-tier clouds.

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Our delivery model is an online subscription. Annual user subscription licenses are available for basic and premium users.

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Unclassified ISR Analytics

Our space-based integrated ISR-PED product addresses key operational aspects such as latency in situational awareness, low priority tasking, analytics in silos, emerging asymmetric threats, timely tipping and cueing.

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